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We respond to the wide-ranging needs of corporations and job seekers through a great variety of services, including career change sites, job fairs, recruitment, IT worker dispatch and new graduate recruiting support.

Products and Services Products and Services

CDC operates career change websites, hosts job fairs, offers job placement, dispatches IT workers and supports recruitment of new graduates.

A standout among these activities, our career change website, type, is the most-visited sites in the industry, with more than one million monthly visitors, and creates synergy with our other services*.

Career Design Center is always striving to achieve the best possible match between companies seeking workers and applicants seeking employment. To this end, we provide companies looking to hire with optimal recruitment methods featuring diverse services. To those searching for employment, we offer job vacancy information through our career change websites and job fairs and make proposals regarding career plans through our job placement and IT worker dispatch services.

* Nielsen NetView April 2020 data Access from home and work PCs